The Team

Administrator Name Phone Email
Principal Kurt Tenopir 847.755.2610 [email protected]
Assistant Principal Eric Dolen 847.755.2612 [email protected]
Assistant Principal Kim Glaser 847.755.2614 [email protected]
Assistant Principal Tiffany Reagan 847.755.2616 [email protected]
Assistant Principal Hamid Mehreioskouei 847.755.2618 [email protected]
Dean of Students Martin Zacharia 847.755.2620 [email protected]
Student Services Director Tracy Bafia 847.755.2626 [email protected]
Athletics Director David Dick 847.755.2770 [email protected]

Top row (L to R): Steve Balsley, Craig Kersemeier
Middle row: Karl Craddock, Kim Glaser, Tracy Bafia, Colene Brockman
Front Row: Eric Dolen, Kurt Tenopir, David Dick

Who is my assistant principal?

Students are assigned an Administrator based on a team approach. More information is forthcoming.