Final Examinations

Wednesday, May 24 through Friday, May 26

All students will be required to take final examinations first semester.

Final Exam Schedule

School days during the final examination period follow a modified class schedule. Students must report to every class in which they have a final. The bell schedule for the three days of final exams are as follows:

Wednesday, May 24

Period Time
1 7:30am 9:00am
3 9:10am 10:40am
7 10:50am 12:20pm

Thursday, May 25

Period Time
2 7:30am 9:00am
4 9:10am 10:40am
8 10:50am 12:20pm

Friday, May 26

Period Time
5 7:30am 9:00am
6 9:10am 10:40am
Makeup 10:50am 12:20pm


Bus schedule for exams

Pick up time will be the same. Departures are listed below:

Wednesday, May 24 Thursday, May 25 Friday, May 26
First bus departs at 10:48am First bus departs at 10:48am Only one bus time departs at 10:48am
Second bus departs at 12:28pm Second bus departs at 12:28pm

There will be no late or athletic bus runs on final exam days.