There are 3 sources for scholarships: national groups, local groups, and universities themselves.

Most scholarships received at Fremd are listed in the Scholarship Guide (see below).  paper copies of this booklet are available in the Guidance Office.  We have created this section so that families can access scholarship information at any time.  Any new scholarships that have arrived at Fremd are not listed in the Scholarship Guide are listed below.  Please also be sure to complete the FAFSA and other college financial aid forms.  There are many other types of aid available besides scholarships.

Please take time to read the Rules page in the Scholarship Guide.  It will answer many of your questions.

New Scholarships
National Scholarships Use any of the Scholarship Searches on our College Link page. (There are 7 searches listed)
Local Applications are placed in the Scholarship Files in the Guidance Office as soon as they arrive at Fremd. This is self-service, or you may see your counselor for extra help.
University Scholarships Each university has its own program that are often the best sources of scholarships. Contact the university or check their website for further information
Viking Booster Scholarships Click on the link to the left to access information about Viking Booster Scholarships.
D211 Foundation Scholarships Click on the link to the left to access information about D211’s Foundation Scholarships.
Harper Promise Scholarship A scholarship offered to every student in Harper’s district that would fund up to two years of college.

Promise Quick Summary (PDF): English | Polish | Spanish


Financial Fit

Between student loans, financial aid, and tuition rates, the cost of college can be a major concern—and very confusing—for parents of high school students. Lewis University has sponsored our high school, providing access to a valuable resource that helps you through the entire paying-for-college process. Please click here for more information and your coupon for this free service.