Small Business Incubator


Fremd’s Business Education Department will be launching an exciting new business class next school year.  Small Business Incubator or SBI offers numerous volunteer opportunities as this class takes our students through the entrepreneurial process.  Students will work in small groups to develop a business idea and collaborate with community business experts and mentors to see the idea to fruition.  Students will be taught by a team of coaches, mentors and the classroom teacher guiding them through this hands-on and authentic entrepreneurial experience.   This entrepreneurial class will culminate with Shark-Tank style pitches for real funding to an investor panel.

Click here for a course overview.

We are in need of content experts in the following areas and/or mentors to work with small groups of Fremd student entrepreneurs:

  • Ideation
    • Group Ideation
    • Value Proposition
  • Customer Discovery
    • Customer Segmentation
    • Market Sizing
  • Customer Connections
    • Positioning
    • Internet Marketing
  • Dollars and Cents
    • Pricing
    • Financial Modeling
  • Building an MVP
    • Web/App Development
  • Validation/Experimentation
    • Business Regulation
    • Technology Planning
    • Legal
  • Promotion
    • Growth Engine
    • Marketing Planning
    • Sales Planning
  • Operations/Pitches
    • Staffing/Operations
    • Insurance
    • Finances
    • Funding Requests

If you know anyone who may be interested in working with Fremd student entrepreneurs, please forward them this email and/or have them contact Chad Jonas at [email protected] or 224-653-2221 for more information.

Thank you in advance for your interest!