Summer Reading


English 212

You may pick a fiction or non-fiction book that meets your own tastes.

We have two caveats: First, you must choose a novel appropriate to your reading level. Second, your parent(s)/guardian(s) must approve the novel choice.

If you are enrolled in another English class during first semester that requires you to read a specific text, you may use that text for this class. If a specific text is not required you can still use the same book for both classes.

Enjoy your summer reading selection. You must have your novel completed by the first day of school. We will be working on a summer reading project during the first week of class.

Click here for a compilation of book lists if you are looking for help brainstorming books to read over the summer. By no means do you have to make your selections from these lists, but they provide a nice starting point and a large selection of titles.