AP Exam Registration Instructions

Important Facts

    • Registration is online. Click here to jump to AP Online Registration.
    • Registration is two weeks only:  Wednesday, February 15 @ 7am to Wednesday, March 1.  Registration ends at 11pm on March 1.
    • Your AP exams cannot be ordered until YOU PAY YOUR EXAM FEE online, you will have until March 4th to make payment online.
    • Payments can be made online at time of registration with a debit or credit card.    If you pay by check send payments to:

Total Registration, LLC
PO Box 398
Eldorado Springs, CO 80025

  • If you do not pay your entire balance there is a fee of $2.75
  • No payments will be collected at Fremd

Registration Steps

  1. Access the online site from Fremd’s Homepage.
  2. Click on AP Exam Online Registration.
  3. Begin the registration by filling in your email address.
  4. Complete the registration form by moving through the screens and filling out the necessary information and clicking on the Exam(s) you intend to take.  

** Your registration is not complete until your exam fee is received.  Your exam(s) cannot be ordered without the  payment. **

Remember:  The last day to pay your exam fees is March 4th (by 3pm)

Questions:  Contact AP Exam Coordinators, Jeff Lathrop, at [email protected] or Jessica Monticello, at [email protected]