AP: Frequently Asked Questions

APWhat are the Exam fees?

Once they register online, students pay $94 per exam. Only credit card or check will be accepted for payment. All payments will be made online to Total Registration. $15 of the fee is non-refundable.

The remaining $79 fee is refundable should a student decide not to take the exam; however, that fee is only refundable if a student advises the AP Coordinator, at least 1 day prior to the exam, that he/she is not taking the exam.

If you are experiencing difficulty in paying your fees, please see Mr. Lathrop or Mrs. Monticello in Student Services.

What AP score do I have to earn to get college credit?

Colleges determine the amount of college credit given based on an AP score. Most colleges have AP credit information on their websites. The state of Illinois has passed a law that gives credit for a 3 or better at all state schools.

If I take an AP language Exam, will I have to take a college placement test?

Colleges determine whether they require students to take a language placement test. Please contact your college to determine this information.

How long does an AP test take?

Exams vary in length. In addition, the exam lengths posted by AP do not include reading directions and general administration time. If you work after school or play a spring sport, be certain to inform your employer or coach that you may not be done with your exam by 2:45. Students cannot leave an exam until they are dismissed.

How many Exams are in one day?

Please review the AP Exam schedule posted on the Fremd / AP webpage.

Can I come in on a different day to take an AP Exam?

No. College Board determines the exam schedule. Exams are given on the exact same days and times across the United States. The only exceptions would be if you have 2 AP Exams at the same time or you are absent from school due to a school sponsored activity. In either situation, you will take the exam(s) during Late Testing.

Where will my AP Exam be held?

Exams are held at Fremd. Exact exam locations are determined by the number of students registering to take the exam and room availability. Rooms will be announced and posted once AP students have registered and paid their exam fees.

If we take only 1 Exam in a day, do we return to our normal schedule after the Exam?

Yes, after a morning exam, students are given time to eat lunch. They then go to their next period class.

Do I have to miss class to take an Exam?

Yes, exams are only held on school days during normal school hours. Students will have their attendance cleared during the time of their exam.

Are spaces limited in an Exam?

As long as an AP student registers and pays their exam fee by the posted deadlines, we will order the correct number of exams for those students. However, if a student misses the registration or  payment deadline, an exam will not be ordered for that student. BOTTOM LINE: DO NOT MISS THE POSTED DEADLINES !

Can I drive myself to an offsite Exam at Harper?

No. District policy requires that all students be transported to and from AP Exams on District provided buses.

What if I have a morning and afternoon Exam on the same day?

In this situation, we will not begin the afternoon exam until morning exam students have completed their morning exam and taken a break. However, due to the strict AP guidelines on exam timing, this break could be as little as 15-20 minutes. We highly recommend that students bring a sack lunch or snack to having during the break between Exams.

What do I do if 2 of my Exams are scheduled for the same time?

Students who are taking 2 Exams scheduled for the same time will take one of the exams on a make-up day (scheduled by AP). Exam make-up information will be distributed at the required AP Pre-Administration sessions on April 11 and 12.

College Board determines the exam schedule and exams can only be taken on the dates determined by College Board.

Where will my AP Exam be held?

That information will be available at AP Pre-Administration and is based on the number of students who register and pay the fee for each exam. In addition, the schedule will be on the Fremd / AP webpage. Remember to check your D211 e:mail for additional information.

I need help preparing for an Exam?

We recommend that you speak with your AP teacher. He/she would be the best person to advise you as to proper preparation.

Can I bring a purse to an AP Exam?

To insure the appropriate level of Exam security, backpacks, large book bags and purses are not allowed in exam rooms. We recommend that students, who desire to, carry something the size of a small pencil case or clutch.

Does the Physics C Exam need a ruler?

Yes, a calculator and ruler or straight edge is allowed.

Can I bring a snack to an AP Exam?

AP prohibits food or drink in an exam room. Please consult the What to Bring / What Not to Bring from your confirmation email.

When do I receive my Exam results?

Exam scores are available online only after July 1. You must set up an account with College Board to retrieve these scores. You will need your current year’s AP# or your 6 digit student ID # to receive your scores.

Lunch Dismissal Policy

The Administrators have given us this direction as to dismissal following morning Exams:

For a morning Exam, students are excused Periods 1-5 (or 1-6 if need be). Students who do not have off-campus privileges during those lunch hours ARE NOT allowed to go off campus.

Any student found to have gone off campus during a period other than their designated lunch hour, will be marked truant. For seniors, that will affect their eligibility for exemption from Finals.

Any student, who has a parent call them out during a lunch period other than their designated lunch period, will be marked as having a Parent Absence. That will also affect their eligibility for Finals exemption.

If students have any questions, they are to see their Administrator