College & Career FAQ

Q.    Why does it take 5 days’ notice to receive a transcript?

A.    Transcripts are not printed at Fremd High School. They are printed at a central location and mailed back. This ensures the integrity of the transcript. Unofficial copies (not accepted by colleges) are available on a daily basis. Please encourage your son or daughter to plan ahead. We cannot fax transcripts.

Q.    How do we get information on colleges?

A.    Fremd High School has a variety of resources. In addition to this website, we have a College and Career Center which contains college applications for many schools, college catalogs, college videos, specialized college search programs on the computers, many college guides from bookstores, and a wealth of career information. Students may access this room during the school day. Parent volunteers are available to help during lunch hours. Mrs. Brottman, our Career Advisor, is also located in Student Services.

Q.    Should my son or daughter take the ACT or the SAT?

A.    The ACT is recommended for all Fremd juniors who plan to attend any college or university. Registration forms are available in the Student Services Office. Dates and deadlines for the ACT are located on the Test Dates section of our homepage. The ACT Company will also accept registrations at their website.

         The SAT I is published by the College Board. Students who plan to submit applications to highly selective colleges or universities on either the east or west coasts should take this test. It is not necessary for everyone to take this test. For more information, contact the College Board at their website. Registration forms are available in the Student Services Office. Dates and deadlines for the SAT I are located on the Test Dates section of our homepage.

This question requires individual guidance. Please contact your son or daughter’s counselor. This is especially true this year because of the addition of the writing  components to both the ACT and the SAT.

Q.    How do we obtain information on financial aid and college financing options?

A.      Financial aid information is always available. Seniors and their parents should pay particular attention to the mailing regarding our College Financing Seminar,  usually held during the week after Thanksgiving. Parents of freshmen, sophomores, and juniors may also wish to attend this program. The information that will be covered is designed to include everyone in our community, regardless of income level. Tips on planning for college costs will be discussed, and procedures for completing the financial aid forms will be covered. Plan to attend.

Parents of seniors should remember that the main financial aid form required by every college in the United States (the FAFSA) cannot be completed until after January 1 of the senior year. This form requires the use of current income tax information. Most universities require that the data be RECEIVED in their office by March 1, which means that it must be completed by February 1. Please plan ahead so that you do not make a costly mistake. We will have paper copies of the FAFSA in our office in December. The fastest way to complete this form is at the FAFSA website.

     Parents of all seniors should consult the Viking Scholarship Guide, available online on our website (Scholarships section). Paper copies are available in the Guidance Office. This booklet lists all local scholarships, gives directions about applying for university scholarships, and contains instructions about applying for all national scholarships. Please also see the links listed on the College Links page for some excellent opportunities in the scholarship area. There is no need to pay anyone to find scholarship information. Private scholarship search companies that promise “billions of dollars” of unclaimed scholarship aid  are simply false. Use the Internet for access to free searches on your own. The main Internet scholarship search sites are also listed on the College Links page.

This information is available in the scholarship files of the Student Services Office every day. Counselors are able and willing to help. Our college consultant, Mr. Baima, is also available to answer more technical questions.

Q.    My son or daughter would like to play sports in college.

A.    Parents should access the NCAA website or complete the application for the NCAA Clearinghouse. The NCAA Clearinghouse application is now only available online. This should not be done until the senior year. The NCAA is very strict on policies and procedures. You must follow directions carefully and meet deadlines. Please contact your coach or your son or daughter’s counselor for further information.

Q.    Where can my son or daughter get information about part-time jobs?

A.    Part-time job information is posted outside the College and Career Center (room 110). There is also a website listing jobs in the north and northwest suburbs. It is not an exhaustive list, but it may be helpful. It is called Employ the Future.

Q. My son or daughter needs career help. What can you suggest?

A.    Career tests are available every day from counselors. Also check the Career Links on our website for further help and online tests. Each year we sponsor an extensive Career Expo for the specific purpose of making career information available to students. This program will be held during April. Watch for further mailings. Also, we have a career advisor who is experienced in helping students find independent career opportunities. Please contact Career Advisor, Mrs. Brottman at 755-2657. Our college and career consultant, Mr. Baima, is also available to help.