College Links

Listed below are a variety of websites that we feel will be helpful to you. We have tried to compile sites that will cover all aspects of the search and selection process. The most important sites on the Internet are listed here. Of course, we do not necessarily agree with the content on each site, but we feel that each site will be useful to you. Good luck!

Be sure to check the Career Links page for connections with many other websites that offer online career testing, salary and employment projections in many fields, relationships between college majors and careers, and many other career-related ideas to help you make your college experience a success.

For your convenience, the links on this page are divided into four sections:

WebsitesContent Summary College Searches, College Planning, General Resources ACTRegister for the ACT, do college searches. Adventist Colleges and UniversitiesResource for students and parents for schools with Adventist backgrounds American Association of Medical CollegesGeneral information on medical schools, this site also contains a list of accelerated programs.American Association of Colleges of PharmacyGood answers about pharmacy programs, including the accelerated entry programs are included. American UniversitiesIt has links to every college web page in the United States. Association of Colleges and Universities of CanadaA good site for Canadian schools – these are currently a great value. British CouncilStudents can locate study programs within the United Kingdom. Campus SecurityCrime statistics are included for any college in the United States Campus ToursVirtual tours of many colleges are featured. It might be useful to explore some schools that you will not be able to visit.CappexFree college and scholarship search engine Career CruisingThis comprehensive site purchased by the district allows students to create a portfolio that will stay with them throughout their high school years. Includes comprehensive career information, college searches, and resume building tools. User Name: wfremd Password: vikings Catholic CollegesSearches can be done by region of the country for families who wish to focus on colleges with Catholic backgrounds. Christian Colleges and UniversitiesTry the “Resource Center” for a search program that will help families look for schools with Christian backgrounds. College BoardRegister for the SAT, do extensive college searches, and learn about financial aid. College Guide for ParentsThis site contains nice resources for your parents. There are many free resources on this site- you do not have to pay to get the help. CollegePortraitThis site allows students to compare costs, locations, academic programs, grad rates, activities, safety, etc. CollegeProfilesThis custom search allows students to select colleges by cost, location and academic majors College Rankings 1This is a very good source for links to accrediting groups; use this information to assess the relative strength of a college program in your major field of study. College Rankings 2This is similar to College Rankings 1. This site helps you find colleges with professional accreditation. CollegeNetListings of colleges and universities are included; many college applications are here; some aspects of this site may require a fee, so it may not be the best for you. College Sports ScholarshipsUse the “Tools” section for helpful advice about constructing an athletic resume and other issues of importance to athletes. We are NOT endorsing the recruiting services provided by this site. Those are fee-based services. CollegezoneThis is the main planning site sponsored by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission, our state agency for college financial aid. Collegiate Information“The source for all collegiate information” says it all. CollegeViewExtensive college search information is here. The searches are exhaustive and accurate. Common ApplicationThe Common Application, used by 255 selective colleges and universities as an application. DO NOT use this form unless the college to which you are applying is on the list to accept it. CyberGuidance High SchoolHS Guidance site contains extensive lists of college and career sites on the web. It’s good, but there may be too many links here for the average person. The careers section is good. District 211Links to the Post High School Planning Guide, College Guide for Parents of Freshmen, and College Guide for Parents of Sophomores, our own publications. Graduation RatesUse this site to check the graduation rates at any school or schools. It also finds similar schools to the one you are thinking about. High School HubLots of good links to various options are included, and the site is written for the high school student. A nice section on test review practice is included. HillelCampus based organization for Jewish students offers information and support. iTransferThis unique site lets students research which college courses are transferable within Illinois; see also “Transfer Courses” site below for the same information nationally. Illinois Universities- at a GlanceThis brochure gives basic admissions information about our state universities and features a chart which graphically illustrates each major field of study and which of our state universities offers it. Learning DisabledThis contains a collection of links and information explaining the issues unique to the student with a learning disability. Try the “search LD online” section for the quickest and most relevant answers. Learning Disabled 2 Links and information for students with learning disabilities are also available here.Midwest Student Exchange ProgramThe Midwest Student Exchange Program, or MSEP, is a multi-state tuition reciprocity program. Through the MSEP, public institutions agree to charge students no more than 150% of the in-state resident tuition rate for specific programs. My MajorsFill out a brief survey about your experiences in high school, and this site will suggest up to 6 college majors that might be good for you. NCAAThis is the site for potential athletes. However, all parents should check for college graduation rates as a way to evaluate colleges. For easiest use, click on “Site Index” at the top right side of the page. NCAA Eligibility CenterEligibility Center for NCAA sports: this contains the form that all potential college athletes must complete. You will need to do this during your senior year. Residency for In-State TuitionThis site allows you to view the residency requirements to pay in-state tuition at each of the 50 states. Simple TuitionCollege Tuition’s College Cost Adjuster allows students to customize their financial aid to find a monthly payment they can afford when they graduate. StudentEdgeFollow the link to an excellent source for students to take practice ACT, SAT, PSAT tests. Users must create a profile. Fremd’s Access Code is: EQUURBZN There is also a college and scholarship search engine. Study in CanadaThis is a comprehensive site for Canadian schools. Trade and Technical Schools in IllinoisLists of every trade, technical, and proprietary school in Illinois are included for your use. Transfer College CoursesTransfer courses from one college to another across the nation are indexed here. 2-Year CollegesListing of 2-year colleges across the United States, this can be useful for students considering a move to another part of the country. U.S. News and World ReportU.S. News and World Report puts their college rankings magazine issue online. U-CANProvides concise, comparable, colorful, web-based, and user-friendly profiles of hundreds of private colleges and universities. College Sites for Minority Students Black ExcelScroll to the middle of the page for great resources. Congressional Hispanic CaucusExcellent resources for Hispanic students are available on this site. Hispanic OutlookMore resources for Hispanic students are included. Hispanic Scholarships 1Sponsored by the National Education Association, it is designed to uncover aid opportunities. Hispanic StudentsFurther resources for Hispanic students are here; it includes scholarships unique to Hispanic students. Historically Black Colleges 1 Links to home pages of Historically Black Colleges and Universities are easy to find. Historically Black Colleges 2Links to all HBCU websites are here- it’s another option. Latino WebPopular web site for college-level Hispanic students, this one is undergoing some renovation. Subject matter may or may not be appropriate. Thurgood Marshall FundScholarships for African-Americans are sponsored by this well-known organization. College Testing ACTRegister for the ACT, do college searches; order additional score reports. College BoardRegister for the SAT, do extensive college searches and locate financial aid information. You can also order additional score reports. Number 2 One example of online test review sites for ACT and SAT, it is useful.Scholarships & Financial Aid Bright Start This is a “529” savings plan sponsored by the State Treasurer of Illinois. It is an excellent alternative for college savings. Read about your options and review some of the other related sites below. College BoardThere is excellent financial aid information here, along with a link to the Profile service, required by some private colleges. College IllinoisThis is a 529 savings plan administered by the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. This is a special type of 529 plan that allows parents to purchase tuition contracts. Also, please see “Independent 529 Plans,” below. College SavingsThis site explains 529 college savings plans. It is sponsored by state treasurers throughout the country. CollegeZoneWebsite for the Illinois Student Assistance Commission. Contains many links to state scholarship programs and to state-sponsored financial aid programs. You can calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for financial aid- confidentially- at this site! FAFSAThis is a direct link to the FAFSA: the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. This is required by every college and university in the United States. You can also calculate your Expected Family Contribution (EFC) for financial aid- confidentially- at this site! FastWebThis is one of the best known and most useful sites for doing scholarship searches. FinAidThere is a vast wealth of information on scholarships, scholarship scams, and financial aid programs. Parents: for some excellent help, type “maximize aid eligibility” into the search box on this site. Federal Student AidGood explanation of all federal financial aid programs and options for parents and students Financial Fit Illinois Student Assistance CommissionThis is the home page for our own state financial aid agency. It contains many links and good explanations of college financing options. Independent 529 PlansThis is a variation on the 529 plans described above. This particular site highlights a special plan that is sponsored by 240 different private colleges. ProfileThis is the service offered by the College Board and required by some colleges. DO NOT use this service unless it is required by your college. Saving for CollegeThis thorough guide explains and compares 529 plans. Scholarship ScamsA direct link to good information for parents about scholarship scams is here. Scholarship Search 1FASTWEB: This is one of the best known and most useful sites for doing scholarship searches. Scholarship Search 2FINAID.ORG: There is a vast wealth of information on scholarships, scholarship scams, and financial aid programs. Scholarship Search 3College Answer includes a scholarship search service. Scholarship Search 4Scholarship Resource Network is a legitimate scholarship search site. Because it is a business, it may send you additional advertising.Scholarship Search is a legitimate scholarship search site. Because it is a business, it may send you additional advertising.Scholarship Search 6Free Scholarship Info is a legitimate scholarship search site. Because it is a business, it may send you additional advertising. Scholarship Search 7This is a newer entrant in the scholarship search category. Understanding Financial Aid AwardsPart of the College Board site, this page allows families to compare aid awards to see which ones are really best. Easy-to-understand pages explain the components of award letters.