Infinite Campus


Infinite Campus is a set of Internet-based software programs that comprise what is a called a student information system. This system connects teachers, students, parents, counselors, coaches, nurses, and administrators by allowing them to quickly and easily share information. For example, teachers enter grades electronically at one end of the system, and these grades are instantly available to both student and parents via a secure Internet portal, or window, to the student’s data. Each student and parent has his or her own unique portal account. Log in by clicking below:


There is also a smartphone app that students and parents can use to access their portals. When setting up the app for the first time, identify District 211 by entering “d211” into the district search. Click below to find out more.


Faculty and staff access Infinite Campus via the Administrative Application, available below. Staff members who have children actively enrolled as students in District 211 should only use this application for work-related business. To check your own child’s grades, etc., use the Parent Portal login above.

IC Application