Automobiles & Parking


Driving to school is a privilege, not a right. District 211 students who have a valid license, a properly registered vehicle, and permission from their parents are eligible to use the student parking lot at their school. However, due to space limitations, not all eligible students will receive permission to purchase a parking permit. Students who receive permission to purchase a parking permit must pay a $65 per semester fee. In cases where parking spaces are limited, a lottery may be used. There will be no refund of the student parking user fee for the current semester.

Parking stickers or tags must be displayed properly according to school directions. Vehicles must be parked in designated areas only, as permitted by each school’s parking regulations. Local law enforcement officials may ticket and/or tow improperly or illegally parked vehicles. Students are expected to drive safely and responsibly on school property. Violators of parking regulations or the student parking user fee policy are subject to school disciplinary action, loss of parking privileges, ticketing, fine, towing at student expense, and/or arrest. Automobiles may be searched by authority of the principalship when there is reason to believe that there are illegal or harmful materials in an automobile. By obtaining a parking permit, students give consent to the possible search of vehicles. Authorities will be notified regarding cars parked illegally, and cars parked illegally also may be searched.

Students who produce, possess, or distribute a counterfeit parking permit may be subject to disciplinary consequences up to and including suspension.

Students and parents are reminded to obey all local laws and use caution regarding the use of cellular devices when on school property or in the vicinity of a school.

If you have any questions about parking at Fremd, please contact Tiffany Reagan (847.755.2616).